Who We Are:
National Inspecting Testing Certification (NITC) is the industry leader in certification services for the Piping industry. We are a team with one goal; to advance the piping industry through training and education, alongside concurrent certification to help professionals set themselves apart in their marketplace, and serve their clients with unsurpassed and unprecedented professionalism and workmanship. NITC is non-discriminatory in accepting applications and issuing certificates to candidates in regards to membership in any trade, associate, union, etc. and is in full compliance with Federal and State ADA regulations, and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

What We Do:
NITC is the go to source for industry professionals and personnel for training and certification for their respective professions in the piping industry. We help experienced professionals gain additional traction and value in their marketplace by providing industry leadership through training , certification, and continued education. NITC is a valued and trusted industry resource, and continues to develop and deploy the industry standard in terms of training, testing, and certification.

Who We Serve:
NITC serves industry professionals in the following sectors:

HVACR Service Technicians
Fire Sprinkler Fitters
Plumbers and Drain Service Professionals

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